NGO/NFP Solutions

Customisable client data management, reporting & workflow systems that let you get on with your good work

The NGO and NFP space is constantly changing. Our highly customisable platform supports the way you work now, with much needed flexibility for the future. Spend less time on admin and reporting, and get more control, visibility and productivity in your day-to-day client work and overall program management.

Examples of SmarterSoft Solutions:

SmarterSoft can be customised to meet your needs across these types of applications (and many more):

  • Client data management
  • Case management
  • Multi-program & Multi-region management
  • Reporting solutions (for funding bodies, internal management)
  • Replace paper-based forms and processes
  • Replace spreadsheets that are getting too complex to manage
  • NDIS and program management using individualised funding models
  • Compliance management
  • Member management
  • Referral management
  • Task management

See examples of the SmarterSoft platform in use - Client success stories

What makes SmarterSoft different?

Those that know software know the problem of “should I choose custom or off-the-shelf?” Both have their benefits. However, custom software is usually too costly and risky to build and maintain, while off-the-shelf products don’t offer the customisation you need, or force you to change the way you operate.

SmarterSoft solves these problems, giving you the best of both worlds.

With SmarterSoft you can avoid the costs, risks and hassles that come with custom IT software development. Your total lifetime costs are also reduced with built-in flexibility making future changes much easier than all other alternatives. The secret is Smartersoft’s innovative design: at its core is a dynamic and flexible engine that allows your specific requirements to be easily configured without the need to write, test or manage code.

Discover the SmarterSoft Platform and How We Compare.


  • Highly customisable (configure, don't code)
  • Supports complex business processes and workflows
  • Fine grained auditing
  • Reporting features (role-based)
  • Bulk upload and bulk export data
  • Alerts & notifications to keep workflows moving
  • Flexibility to evolve to your changing needs
  • IT Department friendly - 24x7 access via web browser
  • Intuitive and easy-to-learn interface minimises staff training
  • Over 60 data security features to keep data protected
  • Compliant with Government hosting requirements, cloud hosted in Australia on Amazon AWS (private server)
  • Lower total lifetime cost
  • You always own your data and can export at any time
  • Ongoing support

Who is SmarterSoft best for?

SmarterSoft is of greatest benefit to organisations seeking a secure solution that fits their often-complex operations like a glove now, but also provides flexibility for the future should needs change.

We urge you to speak to us if you're:

  • Wanting to manage multiple programs, with different data collection and reporting needs from one integrated system
  • Concerned about the robustness of using Excel for your business processes
  • Frustrated with the limitations of Excel (or other applications)
  • Bogged down with manual processes and want to automate them
  • Tracking funding and programs
  • Customising individualised datasets, reports and charts
  • Seeking better visibility into operations and performance of programs, business units and/or regions

Finally, SmarterSoft is scalable and is equally suitable for:

  • A handful to several thousand users
  • Small to large volumes of data records
  • Simple or complex business processes and rules

Complimentary Workshop

We understand that IT and business systems can be complex - and that you're probably not 100% sure if what you've just discovered is exactly what you need. That's why we offer a complimentary one hour workshop with an experienced SmarterSoft Principal Consultant who can answer any of your questions. We're here to help - even if you don't use our services in the future. By exploring your needs and getting to know your organisation, we’re confident in delivering you cost-effective ways to work smarter.

To take advantage of this offer please contact us.