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Revolutionise your productivity with Integra™

Give your business the productivity advantage with Integra™. It's a high-powered online data management, reporting and workflow solution configurable to meet the needs of even the most demanding of enterprises. It's agile, easy-to-use and scalable. But what does it do exactly?

integraoverviewv1Dramatically boost your team’s productivity and slash operational costs and risks with a purpose-built data management, reporting and workflow solution in the cloud.

Imagine being able to do away with the confusing and crippling mix of complex spreadsheets, one-off databases, paper forms, and risky labour-intensive processes that hold you back. How much better would it be if you could quickly and easily integrate, automate or even totally replace them with one central and highly-flexible flexible 24x7 cloud-based database productivity system?

The end result is that you'll not only save time, money and be in control, you'll be awash with more resources to put towards the things that really matter to your business.

Integra™ is a proven cloud-based platform that will massively increase your business productivity so you can leverage more from your teams. It’s fast to setup, easy to learn and has over 50 security controls and measures to protect your important data.

Our solutions are in use in NSW and Commonwealth Government departments, universities, NGOs, peak bodies and private enterprises.
Our clients have dramatically boosted their productivity by taking real control of their data and unlocking the maximum value from their business processes. Our uniquely powerful productivity platform ensures you too can work smarter, not harder.

Want to discover how you too can work smarter? Contact Us... or read on.

Integra helps you quickly and easily take control of all of this:

Replace clumsy, error-prone paper based forms and manually intensive data entry tasks with computerised web forms and improve data quality, throughput and status visibility.

Stop being restricted by complicated and difficult to maintain spreadsheets. Replace them with a properly backed-up online database and securely access your data anywhere 24x7. You can even gather and load CSV data sources into a central location.

Massively improve capacity and reduce workload and human errors by computerising your workflows and manual processes. Once your processes are automated, it's usually possible to reduce staff or put them to more productive use.

Integrate or deploy web forms, surveys or other online data collection techniques and kick-start automated workflows. Use Integra as a centralised hub for all your web-form needs.

Connect forms from your existing website to your automated workflows and save double data entry. Or perhaps replace you existing website altogether with Integra’s CMS.

Integrate with data from other sources.

Hook-in email and SMS communication to keep your team up-to-date and workflows moving along.

Pull your data together to create custom reports online so that you are always in control and have better visibility over your operations.

Replace other applications that are holding you back with new scalable, centralised cloud-based systems build on Integra™.

To be successful you need more than just great technology...

To get massive improvements in productivity you need more than just great technical features. You need to know exactly how the technology will impact your business, what the real advantages are, and what effort is required on your part. When we asked our clients why they chose and continue to use us, this is what they said:

  • Fast setup: Why wait? Your custom productivity system can be ready to go in as little as a few weeks.
  • Proven: Benefit from a proven platform trusted by large Government departments, universities, not for profits and private enterprises.
  • Fits like a glove: Get a custom solution that fits your business like a glove, instead of an off-the-shelf product with features you don’t need and still have to pay for.
  • Swift & Agile: Your business doesn't stay still, so why should your systems? Easily evolve and upgrade your system’s functionality to your changing needs.
  • "Think big" but start small: Not sure where to start? You can choose to either “bolt-on” Integra or use it to totally replace your existing tools – or anywhere in-between.
  • Just use your browser: Unlike other technologies like Microsoft Sharepoint, you don't need to have a raft of complex licenses and technologies just to use it. All you need is an Internet browser.
  • Secure & Cloud-based: Get reliable and highly-scalable 24x7 web access to your data, plus rest assured your valuable data is always backed up. We host on the Amazon Asia Pacific (Sydney) cloud offering world-class security.
  • Easy-to-learn: Intuitive interface makes staff training simple.
  • Cost effective licensing & support: Usage based licensing and support is cost-effective and scales as your business does.
  • No contracts: Nobody likes to be locked in. You can leave at any time and always take your data with you.

What types of systems can be built on the Integra platform?

Using Integra, we can deliver enterprise-grade custom solutions in the following areas at a fraction of the normal cost

The secret to achieving more with less

The secret to Integra’s power is that it’s not an application. More accurately, it's a rapid software application builder in the cloud. This means that unlike using other platforms, our clients benefit from being able to create new customised functionality quickly without the usual costs and hassles of writing, testing and debugging computer code. There's absolutely no reinventing the wheel. Instead we have developed a portfolio of advanced services that will satisfy even the most demanding enterprises, including government.

Its all about giving you more power, more choice and more flexibility to get the (always changing) job done.

Here's some of the enterprise-level services your customised solution can utilise:


Reporting & Analysis Tools

Pictures speak louder than words. With just a few clicks, create custom graphical and tabular reports to visually analyse and communicate your data.


Content & Media Management

Enjoy easy "drag-and-drop" support for documents, images and other multimedia.



Define workflows to integrate and automate business processes and gain massive productivity results**


User Account Management

Control and manage who has access to your system. Users can self-manage details, including auto password recovery.


Security Management

Take peace of mind knowing you're using a highly secure platform that enforces industry leading IT security practices.


Authentication & Authorisation

Precisely control who has access to do what with fine-grained security access privileges and configurable security group settings.



Keep tabs on your users and always know who's been doing what with record-level auditing and system usage tracking.


Data Management, Editing, Searching & Calcs

Advanced data management features make it easy to edit, order and search through complex datasets. Save your search filters to make finding records easy. Define Excel-like formulas to perform complex data calculations.


Data Record Protection & Versioning

Keep multiple versions of data records (with undo & redo), enforce "approval" paths and protect against users editing the same record.


Bulk Import & Export

Got large sets of data to deal with? Bulk data importing and exporting makes it simple.


Data Validation & Quality

Enforce strict validation and business rules to improve data quality.


Alerts & Internal Messaging (via Email & SMS)

Be kept up-to-date and informed of system events with both real-time and scheduled email and SMS alerts delivered direct to you and your team. Keep your team moving with internal messaging.


In-line Help Systems

Get productive faster. Staff training is simple with an easy to use, consistent and highly-intuitive user interface. Built-in user help systems provide assistance where its needed.


Application Builder

Get results fast. Use the "App Builder" to rapidly develop rich web application functionality without having to write, debug, or test computer code.**

** Requires advanced module training.

Under the hood

Curious about how Integra looks? Below are a few screenshots of the Integra platform in action. In this particular example, Integra has been configured to manage a database of Customers linked to one or more Orders.

Data List Admin Screen
In this sample screen we see some of the functions available to manage a list of Customers:


Data Record Admin Screen (“Main” tab)
If an individual Customer record is opened up, more fields are available:


Data Record Admin Screen (“Orders” tab)
You can even manage a list of linked records for the Customer, in this instance, a list of Orders:


Sample Reports generated from Customer and Order data
Below is a quick sample of the types of reports you can self-create on the Integra platform:


How to get started

If you've got this far you're probably wondering what's involved to get your productivity solution up and running .This is how it works:

1: Get a Demo: So you can see first hand just how much Integra can help you. Contact Us.

2: Business Analysis: We work closely with you and your staff to determine the requirements of your solution.

3: Design: We design the underlying data model, business logic, workflows and security model.

4: Configuration: We configure the Integra platform to meet your requirements.

5: Acceptance Testing: You perform acceptance testing to ensure that all your requirements have been implemented correctly.

6: Ongoing Hosting, Support and Maintenance: Once you are happy with the solution, it is transitioned into its live “Production” environment and a helpdesk setup for you to receive ongoing support. Platform licensing costs commence during this stage.

Want a demo of our systems in action?

We offer flexible solutions for businesses of all shapes, sizes and industries. We tailor our Integra platform to your specific needs and budget and can cater from a handful of users to several thousands. If you would like to know more, or wish to see a free demonstration of how Integra can help you work smarter, not harder: