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Discover how our innovative cloud platform delivers results faster and more cost-effectively than other ISVs.

What makes SmarterSoft different?

If you’re in the business of delivering custom software or business consulting solutions, then you know there are literally 1000s of vendor products out there to choose from. But with each new product comes new relationships, new contracts and more staff training needs.

SmarterSoft is different. Very different.

As a Australian Independent Software Vendor (ISV), SmarterSoft is dedicated to simplifying custom software solution delivery, enabling you to focus on whatever it is you do best.

We offer SaaS based solutions on Amazon (AWS) that enable you to:

  • Earn ongoing license revenue
  • Deliver more IT solutions to your clients and extend your capabilities
  • Reduce the need for you to juggle multiple vendor products
  • Boost profitability on software support activities
  • Reduce the staff training burden

The secret is Smartersoft’s innovative design. At its core is a dynamic and flexible engine that allows your client’s custom requirements to be easily configured without the need to write, test or manage code. This enables software projects to be delivered faster and with less risk, as well as reducing the sizeable (yet often hidden) expense of ongoing system maintenance.

In short, while the underlying platform is always the same, the functionality is different.

Proven in both the public and private sectors, SmarterSoft can be offered as both branded or white-labelled options.

Discover the SmarterSoft Platform and How We Compare.

Examples of SmarterSoft solutions

SmarterSoft can be used for these types of applications (and many more):

  • Replace paper-based forms and processes
  • Replace spreadsheets that are getting to complex to manage
  • Client data management and CRM
  • Online forms and data workflows
  • Case management
  • Compliance management
  • Member management
  • Referral management
  • Task management
  • Reporting solutions
  • Online data collections
  • Complex data validations
  • Online surveys

Benefits for your clients

We understand that delivering lasting client value is more than just a technical challenge, it's about the ongoing relationship and the ability to meet future needs. Our solutions can benefit your clients in many ways:

  • Fast setup and delivery
  • Highly customisable to your client's needs (configure, don't code)
  • Flexibility to evolve to changing needs
  • No IT needed - 24x7 access via web browser
  • Intuitive and easy-to-learn interface minimises staff training
  • Over 60 data security features to keep data protected
  • Cloud hosted in Australia on Amazon AWS (private server)
  • Lowers your client's total lifetime cost
  • Usage-based licencing options e.g. per user, per workflow
  • Your client always owns their data
  • Support management

Is SmarterSoft right for me?

Our partners usually fall into one of the following categories. Do you specialise in:

  • Custom software but want to simplify solution delivery by reselling ISV product?
  • Business consulting but do not have specialty IT skills in-house?

Either way, we can assist you with customised distribution and support arrangements that extend your business’s capabilities and let you focus on whatever it is you do best.

A great partnership starts with a single conversation

By exploring your needs and getting to know your business, we’re confident we can deliver you cost-effective ways to work smarter and deliver massive value to your clients while maximizing your margins. Contact us to find out more.