Partner With Us

Partner with us to create extraordinary value for your clients... while you focus on what you do best 😉

What is SmarterSoft?

SmarterSoft is a no-code / low-code technology platform used to fast-build web applications in the Amazon cloud (AWS). Purpose built for agility, use our 20+ “building blocks” to create perfect-fit data systems that work exactly like your clients want now, with flexibility for the future.

100% Australian owned and supported, SmarterSoft can be moulded into almost anything you can dream up. At its core is an incredibly flexible, modular design meaning client’s bespoke requirements can be easily configured without writing, testing, or debugging code. This game changing advantage uniquely enables you to offer web applications faster and with less risk. It also makes ongoing maintenance a breeze so you and your clients can focus on delivering client value, and not the annoying tech stuff.

Secured to meet the stringent data privacy and security requirements of Australian Government, SmarterSoft is hosted in Australia and is offered as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS).

What problems can SmarterSoft solve?
– *hint* there’s a lot!

SmarterSoft's “building blocks” have been configured to create the following types of perfect-fit data systems... and many more:

  • Business process and workflow automation (digital transformation)
  • Computerise paper-based forms
  • Replace Excel spreadsheets that too complex to manage
  • Replace MS Access, FileMaker and other legacy databases
  • CRM and client data management
  • Case management
  • Order management and fulfillment
  • Compliance management
  • Reporting solutions and dashboards
  • Data portals
  • Member management
  • Task management and support ticketing
  • Risk and Incident management
  • HR performance and employee management
  • Volunteer management
  • Budgeting, expense and cost management
  • Referral management
  • Online data collections and complex data validations
  • New “greenfields” data projects or Proof of Concepts (PoCs)

What makes SmarterSoft different?

If you’re in the business of delivering consulting or advice to your clients, then you know there are literally thousands of potential products and options out there to choose from. But with each new product comes new relationships, new contracts, more staff training, and more account management needs. Sure there's always SalesForce and Microsoft 365 & Dynamics, but anyone that knows these platforms knows the hidden costs and complexities that come with them.

SmarterSoft is different. Very different.

As a 100% Australian independent software vendor, SmarterSoft is dedicated to simplifying bespoke cloud application solution delivery, empowering you to focus on whatever it is you do best. We use an open source technology stack and control all of our modular "building blocks" - meaning the buck firmly stops with us.

We enable you to:

  • Increase professional services revenue
  • Earn ongoing licence revenue
  • Deliver truly bespoke solutions to your clients with low risk
  • Extend your business’s capabilities – add another feather to your hat!
  • Reduce the need to juggle multiple vendor products
  • Reduce your staff training burden
  • Simplify account management
  • Leverage your network to boost profitability
  • Have genuine input into our product development roadmap
  • Amaze your clients!

Partner with us – Which “type” are you?

We understand that delivering lasting client value in an ever-changing world takes more than just a technically brilliant solution. It takes an openness to ideas, clear collaboration, and the commitment to tackle both the challenges and opportunities the future holds. That’s why we won’t partner with just anyone. But when we do, we’re 100% dedicated to ensuring we’re doing everything we can to amaze your clients.

Our partners usually fall into one of the following two types.

Which statement best describes you?

“I provide management consulting or advice to my clients to help them work smarter, but am not totally comfortable to specify the requirements of software or IT solutions or deliver software projects.”

Is this you? Then you're likely to be a Reseller/Referral Partner

How it works:

  • You refer a client to us (assuming we’re the right fit of course!)
  • We handle the proposal/quote and keep you in the loop
  • You receive a % of any upfront project fee*
  • We manage and deliver the project, handle training etc
  • You receive a % of ongoing licence fees we charge for the lifetime of the solution
  • We take on all ongoing client support

Think you're a Reseller/Referral Partner?

Overall, this model is more “hands off” for you, and you entrust us to deliver the solution to your client’s needs. You will be given the tools and opportunity to check in to ensure things are progressing to your standards, but we will mostly refrain from bothering you with the details during project delivery and ongoing support.

Contact SmarterSoft to find out more.

“I provide hands-on business analysis or project management consulting services and understand my client’s operations well enough to produce requirements for their IT or software solution needs.”

Is this you? Then you're likely to be a Consulting Partner

How it works:

  • You refer a client to us (assuming we’re the right fit of course!)
  • We work with you to develop the proposal/quote
  • We share the upfront project fee (an agreed split based on the roles played by your team and ours e.g. business analysis, consulting, project management etc.). *
  • You receive a % of ongoing licence fees we charge for the lifetime of the solution
  • You can choose to use our online support platform to take on 1st level support and have us manage the rest (preferred), or we can take on all client support if you need us to

Think you're a Consulting Partner?

Overall, this model is more “hands on” for you, and we are looking to you to help articulate your client’s needs and identify where the most value can be added. You will be involved with the project delivery and given the tools and opportunity to check in to ensure things are progressing to your standards. Ongoing, you can get involved with whatever level of detail you feel is right.

Contact SmarterSoft to find out more.

* Our sweet spot are projects valued from $50,000 to $500,000 AUD and solutions with 20 – 2,000 users. If you think you’re outside of these ranges, it’s still worth contacting us as it’s also the type of cloud applications that matter.