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Highly-flexible Data Collection, Workflow & Reporting solutions, secured in Australia

Good quality data is at the core of all good practice management and decision making. Our proven cloud-based platform enables you to securely gather, manage and visualise your data, whether simple or complex. Our 15 Reusable Building Blocks mean our clients enjoy improved work efficiency and all-important flexibility for the future while acheiving a lower total cost of ownership. Used by hundreds of Government agencies and NGOs, SmarterSoft is a 100% Australian owned company.

Is SmarterSoft a good fit for you?

While SmarterSoft can be customised to meet your exact needs across many different scenarios, if you find yourself trying to achieve any of the below outcomes it is worth contacting us:

  • Replace spreadsheet systems that have become unmanageable or have reached their limits
  • Collect data online, automate workflows, validate datasets, or create reports
  • Computerise paper-based forms
  • Replace insecure data handling practices
  • Update existing legacy data systems with more modern, scalable technologies
  • Develop a new “greenfield” data project or Proof of Concept (PoC)

All our solutions also provide you with these commercial advantages:

  • Flexibility to adapt should your needs change in the future (as they no doubt will)
  • Real cost-effectiveness and fast build times via our many reusable components
  • Low-risk customised solutions that fit your work practices like a glove

See examples of the SmarterSoft platform in use - Client success stories

What makes SmarterSoft different?

Our incredibly cost-effective solutions often only require an RFQ, or director level sign-off and can be built quickly due to SmarterSoft’s 15 Reusable Building Blocks. This unique advantage allows us to customise your secure, cloud-based data system to your exact needs without writing code. The result is that you can avoid the expense, risks and hassles that usually come with custom IT software development. Plus, your total lifetime costs are also minimised with built-in flexibility enabling future changes to be made more easily than other vendor alternatives.

Discover the SmarterSoft Platform and How We Compare.

Our clients enjoy

  • Extensive experience with the Government and NGO sectors.
  • Additional DIY reporting module, help text editing and other self-service tools
  • Friendly and knowledgeable Australian-based IT support
  • 100+ security controls and policies to keep your data protected
  • You always own your data and have access to export all data at any time
  • Unlimited role-based access groups with fine-grained permissions management
  • Extensive auditing tools
  • Total visibility & control over your operations
  • IT department friendly cloud-based SaaS platform with 24x7 multi-device support
  • Intuitive, consistent and easy-to-learn interface that minimises staff training
  • 100% owned and managed Australian company

We understand that IT and business systems can be complex - and that you're probably not 100% sure if what you've just discovered is exactly what you need. That's why if you contact us an experienced SmarterSoft Consultant (not a sales person) will call back to answer any of your questions.

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