NGO/NFP Data Systems

What could you achieve with the most flexible Client, Case & Data Management System?

For NGOs & NFPs, change happens. Constantly. The source of this change is everywhere. If it’s not new reforms, research and regulations, it’s new programs and policies. Perhaps its funding pressures, organisational restructures or updated work practices? Or it may even be expanding workloads or new reporting demands.

All we know is that constant change makes it a constant challenge to achieve better outcomes for your clients - and the more services and locations you take on, the tougher it gets. Most other data systems simply can’t keep up with the current rate of change in the sector. But don’t worry – we’ve got you.

SmarterSoft's unique No-Code / Low-Code platform can be tailored to fit your exact needs today, with flexibility to adapt to tomorrow - whatever your Client, Case or other Data Management needs may be. With SmarterSoft you can finally end your reliance on multiple different IT systems and your unmanageable web of spreadsheets.

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Key advantages of SmarterSoft

  • No-Code / Low-Code "Building Block" design
  • Tailored to fit the way you work best
  • Highly-extendible & flexible platform for the future
  • Single view of each client's journey
  • Easily handle multiple services, locations & funding sources
  • Powerful DIY reporting and data management tools
  • Improve data quality and evidence collection
  • Highly secure with granular access control
  • Get total visibility and control over your operations
  • Intuitive design makes staff training easy
  • DSS-DEX (Data Exchange) Compliant
  • Multi-device support (PC, laptop, tablet, mobile)
  • Data migration from your legacy systems

Whatever you need - from small tweaks in your practice to major reforms - we’ve got you, today and tomorrow. Contact SmarterSoft

Averaging only $15 per user / month, we're confident our pricing is one of the best in market too (minimums apply**)

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SmarterSoft’s flexible features

The SmarterSoft platform is uncompromisingly built upon foundations of security, reliability, performance, consistency and ease-of-use. On this solid bedrock, the platform can flex and scale any of the following features in any way you can imagine:

Service Delivery Management:

  • Multi-program & Multi-location
  • Clients, Cases & Sessions
  • Case & Support Plans
  • Note taking
  • Goals & Actions
  • Referrals In & Referrals Out
  • Waitlists & Intake (inc. central intake)
  • Appointments & Visual Calendars
  • Assessments (outcomes, outputs, risk etc.)
  • Relationships
  • Alerts (personal, environmental)
  • Incidents
  • Budgeting & Expenditure Tracking
  • Invoicing (via MYOB, XERO integration)

Reporting & Data Management:

  • DSS Data Exchange (DEX) integration
  • Funding body reports
  • Internal dashboards
  • Powerful DIY graphical reporting
  • Data management tools (import, export, filter, order, save views etc.)


  • Contracts & Task Management
  • CRM for Organisations, Services & Contacts
  • Online Documents & Attachments
  • Email, SMS Reminders & Notices
  • On-screen Workflow Warnings & Alerts
  • Form Building
  • Automated Surveys & Feedback
  • Volunteer & Staff Management
  • User & usage auditing tools

The best part: These features are just the tip of the iceberg. We can generally customise any feature, business process or workflow you can dream of using our unique “building block” approach. Contact SmarterSoft

DSS-DEX (Data Exchange) integration

Manage both DEX and non-DEX funded programs on the same client system. SmarterSoft fully integrates DSS-DEX service tracking and reporting requirements into an all-in-one streamlined and user-friendly workflow.

Our DSS -DEX integration includes:

  • Clients, Cases & Sessions
  • Client SCORE Assessments
  • Session SCORE Assessments
  • Certificates & Parenting Agreements
  • Organisational data (outlets, activities, service types etc.)

It’s not just about the technology. We understand your sector.

While a revolutionary technology like SmarterSoft can help you achieve great outcomes, you're only getting half the value if the vendor you’re working with doesn’t take the time to understand your unique needs and provide genuine advice.

Our team is highly experienced on both sides of the aisle – delivering solutions into both the NGO/NFP and Government sectors. We understand the needs and nuances of both and how they complement (and often butt heads) with each other. We are focused, easy to work with, attentive, and understand both the big picture as well as the details.

The combination of SmarterSoft's technology and team means one thing : better quality service delivery for your clients.

Unlike other data systems, SmarterSoft is purpose-built with flexibility and usability in mind. You get the features you need now, without ever being locked in or held back, so you’ll never have to compromise your quality of care for your clients. We take the complexity out of your ever-changing world to make it easier for you to truly fulfill your mission.

Responsive & easy-to-use design

SmarterSoft multi device support

SmarterSoft's user interface (UI) is built on the principles of consistency and usability. Taking a "learn once use many times" approach to all aspects of design means that your team will become productive faster and retain their system knowledge better. The UI is built to meet accessibility guidelines and numerous colour themes and zoom levels are provided to assist users with differing abilities. Finally, all user screens are responsive to mobile and tablet usage and automatically detect the device being used to render the best user experience. Below is a sample of some SmarterSoft screens - they can all be customised to your needs of course! Contact SmarterSoft

Our clients enjoy...

  • Our expertise in the NFP/NGO/Government sectors
  • Totally customised solutions (tailored to the way you work best)
  • Australian-based IT support, Australian owned & managed
  • DIY reporting & self-service tools to reduce ongoing costs
  • Unlimited user roles e.g Admins, Managers, Team Leaders, Workers etc.
  • Intuitive & easy-to-learn minimising staff training
  • You always own your data & can export it at any time
  • IT department friendly cloud-based platform
  • Hosting in Australia on Amazon AWS (private servers)
  • Over 100 security features to keep your data protected
  • Mobile device & tablet support

Want the benefits of a customised solution, without the pitfalls?

SmarterSoft offers you the rare combination of a totally customised solution without the usual costs, complexities and lock-in. You could go off-the-shelf, but rarely will you find exactly what you need, and you almost certainly won’t have flexibility for future. For a little more investment upfront, you can rest-assured you’ll get a system that works exactly the way you want now, with the peace of mind of future supportability.

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    ** Price is per user per month and is exclusive of GST. Price is based on a typical installation. Maximum fee is AUD $25 per user per month. Project service, support and infrastructure fees apply. Conditions apply.