Log a Support Request

Log a Support Request

Complete the form below to log a Support Request with SmarterSoft

Use the below form to log Support Requests related to technical support, consulting, enhancements and other general queries about your system. The structure of the below form allows our support staff to more quickly anaylse and resolve your request.

IMPORTANT: When logging a Support Request, please use the following table below to judge the priority of your issue. By logging a request below you authorise SmarterSoft to immediately commence work. All logged requests will be assessed by our technical staff before work commences. Logging P1 or P2 for issues which not related to system errors or outages will not mean they are worked on faster.

Priority & Description

Use For


Critical Importance, Time urgent

Total outage, or a critical system failure in a Client’s Solution (in its live production environment) resulting in most or all users being unable to perform their work. No work around exists.


High Importance, Time sensitive

Software bugs, defects, errors, slow performance or a partial outage of Client’s Solution (in its live production environment) resulting in a small number of overall users being unable to perform their work. A work around may exist.


Medium Importance, Non-urgent

All other requests for support (e.g. consulting, enhancements, general queries etc.) must be logged with this priority. Also, software bugs, defects, errors, or performance issues which have a minor impact to the Client’s organisation fall into this priority.


Lower Importance, Non-urgent (the default option)

Anything that doesn't fit into the other priorities or anything related to a non-production environment.