Client Case Study (Nonprofit/NGO)

CatholicCare (Wilcannia Forbes)

CatholicCare Wilcannia–Forbes delivers a broad range of programs and services to encourage and support thousands of people living in western NSW; adapting services in response to specific needs, and developing collaborative partnerships to strengthen the capacity of our rural and remote communities.


Having previously attempted using other vendor products without success, CatholicCare required a highly customised online client/case management system that would replicate their paper-based data collection processes with minimal impact to current work practices.

Operating over 30 social programs across 14 geographic offices with 100 staff, an all-in-one solution was sought that could accommodate their very diverse teams with mixed levels of computer-literacy. Additionally, visibility to live, accurate data reports and integration with external systems such as the Australian Government’s Data Exchange (DEX) was critical to driving productivity.


The SmarterSoft Platform was confi gured as a client/case management system streamlining CatholicCare’s day-to-day program operations across their 14 offices. The solution enabled multi-program management, supporting staff work assignment, workflow and workload.

Integration with DEX was achieved through customised SnapShot data reporting with XML exporting. Fine-grained auditing, user authentication and authorisation features ensure that data is kept secure with change tracking enabled.

Our ‘client data system journey’ with SmarterSoft began in 2015. Our brief was to develop a tailored system that would replicate our paper based data collections, accommodate our very diverse teams with mixed levels of computer-literacy and enthusiasm for administrative duties, provide us with live accurate data and communicate with external systems such as DEX. SmarterSoft did exactly that consulting during all stages of development and helping us continually improve our system which we now fondly refer to as PIX (Participant Information Collection System). It is much more and much better than we ever anticipated.

Assistant Director, CatholicCare


  • Reduction in staff efforts and time
  • High take-up with staff , improving productivity
  • Capacity to take on more clients
  • Flexibility to expand into new programs
  • Improved record keeping practices
  • Minimisation of data errors and omissions
  • More visibility and control over every-day operations
  • Granular control over what staff can see and do
  • Lower cost of ownership compared to other products

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