About us

Proudly independent and 100% Australian

Welcome to SmarterSoft, a perfect balance of technology tools and personalised service. As a proudly independent Australian company, we offer tailored solutions and industry-specific expertise, ensuring that your business applications are built precisely to your specifications. With SmarterSoft, there are no intermediaries, no markups, and no excuses – we are accountable every step of the way. The buck stops with us.

Our unique no-code SaaS technology empowers you to swiftly create feature-rich business applications in the Amazon cloud (AWS). Designed for agility, our unique “building blocks” enable you to craft data systems that align perfectly with your current needs while remaining flexible for future changes. Not only is SmarterSoft more cost-effective than other ‘Big IT’ options, it also gives you full control over the critical data that drives your business.

With a track record of success in both government and nonprofit (NGO) sectors, SmarterSoft is 100% Australian-owned, managed, supported and adheres to stringent data security standards. Choose SmarterSoft, and experience the smarter way to harness the potential of your data.


Our Story

Work smarter, not harder

SmarterSoft’s journey began with a keen insight derived from our founders’ backgrounds in professional engineering and consulting. They identified a recurring trend in the enterprise software sector: a cycle of “reinventing the wheel,” which often prolonged projects and inflated consulting fees. This observation, combined with their belief in the transformative power of Software as a Service (SaaS) and cloud computing, ignited a vision for a different kind of software technology company… one that works smarter.

From this foundation, our objective was set: to modularise the way enterprise software can be built. This pursuit led us to the innovative world of no-code development and the concept of “building blocks” – a methodology that empowers organisations to benefit from tailored software solutions without the need for coding, nor the unnecessary costs and efforts that come with it.

Our Journey

Innovating with integrity

Over the past decade, SmarterSoft has tirelessly honed our technology and consulting services, staying closely attuned to the sectors we serve and the evolving needs of our clients. We pride ourselves on being exceptionally responsive to the dynamic market, continuously enhancing our offerings to address emerging challenges and opportunities.

Unlike many tech companies fixated on rapid growth via external investment, our unwavering commitment has always been to reinvest profits into product engineering and improvement. We prioritise the quality, effectiveness and support of our solutions over aggressive sales strategies. This deliberate approach is an essential aspect of our identity, and enables us to remain truly agile, independent. It also means our clients can go “off menu” if needed.

This autonomy not only distinguishes us from “Big IT” and their army of eager resellers, but also positions us to seize the next technological revolution, including the exciting possibilities of AI.

The best part...

We understand your sector.

What sets us apart is our team’s insight into the world of government and nonprofit (NGO) operations. As you navigate multifaceted and ever-changing challenges – SmarterSoft stands poised with adept solutions. Our platform embodies adaptability, perfectly designed to respond to an ever-changing environment. 

With a storied history of serving both nonprofit (NGO) and government sectors, SmarterSoft transcends mere technology, delivering solutions fine-tuned to the specific intricacies of your sector.

Our Team

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We understand that IT and business systems can be complex – and that you’re probably not 100% sure if what you’ve just discovered is exactly what you need. That’s why if you contact us an experienced SmarterSoft Consultant (not a sales person) will call back to answer any of your questions.

Specialising in Government and nonprofit (NGO) sectors, we offer flexible data solutions for all budgets. Contact us to discover how SmarterSoft’s “no code” platform can help you work smarter, not harder.