Client Case Study (Government)

Corrective Services NSW (DCJ)

NSW Government Department of Communities and Justice (DCJ), Corrective Services (CSNSW)

The Funded Partnerships Initiative (FPI) provides funding to not-for-profit, non-government organisations (NGOs) to deliver a range of services that support CSNSW in Transitional Support, Offenders’ Children and Family services and Victim Support. Starting with 15 different NGOs, FPI operates across 18 CSNSW offices and 45 correctional centres within NSW.


Prior to using SmarterSoft, CSNSW had minimal oversight into the case management of clients receiving services through the NGOs they funded. Performance data was also limited. Without sufficient access to this information, there were great concerns regarding transparency, quality assurance and it was challenging to provide supporting data for executive reporting. Contracts with NGOs were also subject to risk regarding funding utilisation and justification for future funding.

CSNSW required a new approach to data collection and management that would centrally capture client and service delivery information. The goal was to develop a web-based portal that provided secure access to collect “real time” operational data from NGOs. This data would support FPI’s quality assurance and continuous improvement needs, whilst also enabling better program oversight by management.

Additionally, as the number of CSNSW offices and NGOs were expected to grow over time, the solution needed to scale.


The SmarterSoft Platform was configured as an operational data collection portal deployed into the many CSNSW offices for frontline monitoring. Furthermore, each NGO has their own secure login enabling them to use the portal to manage the individual delivery of their day-to-day FPI services, including client referrals, cases, case notes and task completions. The platform also provides CSNSW with high-level administration enabling real-time performance and operational reporting via in-built SnapShot reports.

Fine-grained auditing, authentication and authorisation features ensure that data is both secure and traceable.

Over the last 5 years, we have successfully used SmarterSoft as our primary data portal. We now have greater visibility of performance outcomes for the purposes of reporting and accountability. It has also had a positive impact on the stakeholder working relationship. Client information is centrally accessible allowing each NGO’s workfl ow and workload to be more visible. Overall, we have been very satisfi ed with our experience working with SmarterSoft whose support service is timely, helpful and friendly. Having the appropriate training and access as a super user has also been useful to reduce our support costs. We look forward to seeing the relationship continue to develop positively.

Senior Project Offi cer, CSNSW

The Outcomes

  • Secure platform for handling, storing & reporting sensitive data
  • Reduced NGO contract risk for CSNSW
  • Greater visibility over program performance outcomes
  • Program managers and executives have “real time” oversight
  • Insight into funding utilisation and program evaluation
  • Positively impacted stakeholder working relationships with clients
  • Improved record keeping practices, less data errors and omissions
  • Flexibility to meet the ongoing needs of CSNSW
  • DIY features save CSNSW money

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