Client Case Study (Government)

NSW Government Family & Community Services (FACS/ADHC)

The Ageing, Disability and Home Care (ADHC) division within FACS provides services and support to older people, people with disabilities, families and carers. Responsible for the award-winning Ability Links program, ADHC funds 28 non-government organisations (NGOs) to work closely with people with disabilities, their families and carers to support them to fulfi l their goals, hopes and dreams.


Prior to engaging SmarterSoft, ADHC had limited and often inconsistent access to performance data about program delivery. Spreadsheets were used to collect data from 28 NGOs, which resulted in poor quality data and posed security and data
confi dentiality concerns.

ADHC required more accurate and timely data to enable improved program monitoring and reliable performance evaluation. The goal was to develop a sector-wide data collection standard and supporting online portal to enable secure access to collect “real time” outcome data from NGOs. This data would support ADHC’s reporting and quality assurance needs.

Also, a day-to-day client management system was required to support smaller Ability Links providers to maximise service delivery and community engagement at a low-cost.


ADHC utilises the SmarterSoft Platform for two separate purposes. Firstly, it is configured as a sector-wide operational data collection portal. Accessible online, all funded NGOs bulk upload and validate their monthly outcome and performance data.
A second instance of SmarterSoft is confi gured to support the individual delivery of day-to-day client management by Aboriginal providers. The combination of platforms provides ADHC with timely performance and operational reporting and hard evidence to support program achievements.

Smartersoft developed a software program for Ability Links NSW to collect rich and detailed information from providers on the eff ectiveness of the program. The data received identifies the connections and outcomes for individuals and the community throughout NSW, this provides crucial data for the evaluation of the program, which supports how the program is delivered, communicated and promoted. Smartersoft have played a key role in the success of the Ability Links NSW program. Without the database and the consulting support they have provided to us, we would not have had the evidence to support all the hard work our Linkers do.

Program Manager ADHC


  • Ability Links is a highly-successful program (awarded a 2017 NSW Premier’s Award)
  • Reliable data to support program evaluation
  • Program managers and executives have greater visibility over program performance
  • Positively impacted stakeholder working relationships with clients
  • Improved record keeping practices, less data errors and omissions
  • Flexibility to meet the ongoing needs of AHDC
  • Sector-wide tools increased participation and reach of smaller NGOs
  • Minimal bespoke development led to low ongoing costs

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