Client Case Study (Nonprofit/NGO)

St Vincent De Paul

With over 60,000 members and volunteers, the St Vincent de Paul Society (SVdP) work hard to assist people in need and combat social injustice across Australia. They deliver numerous social programs including the award-winning NSW Government Ability Links program which links people with disability, their families and carers in the community to fulfil their goals, hopes and dreams.


SVdP operate across multiple local government areas in the Hunter, Central Coast and Sydney Metro regions, and employ over 120 frontline staff in the delivery of the Ability Links program. Prior to using SmarterSoft, program operations were managed using multiple spreadsheets and word documents
which was highly inefficient, prone to error and produced inconsistencies and delays in monthly reporting.

The goal was to have one online system where all records were centrally located, easy to search for, and securely accessible across the various geographic sites. Additionally, more ease and consistency in day-to-day data capture and reporting back to NSW Government (ADHC) was required. A comprehensive training package was also needed to assist staff in their transition.


The SmarterSoft Platform was confi gured as a client/case management system streamlining SVdP’s day-to-day program operations across their various geographic regions. The solution enables multi-level secure access, accurate and consistent data input by staff , as well as work assignment, workload management and client document management.

Integration with the NSW Government’s (ADHC) data portal was achieved through SmarterSoft’s built-in CSV exporting and data SnapShot features. Fine-grained auditing, user authentication and authorisation features ensure that data is kept secure with change tracking enabled.


SmarterSoft were engaged to design a customised system to streamline business processes for the Ability Links program. Working with SmarterSoft has always been conducted in a timely and professional manner with their team demonstrating a clear understand of our requirements, offering experience and insight along the way. Since going live in 2015, we have spent more time achieving outcomes for people with disability, their families and carers and building more inclusive and accessible communities. Staff are confident in using the system with minimal technical support required. We continue to liaise with SmarterSoft to enhance the system to meet the ongoing needs of the program.

Systems & Quality Coordinator SVDP


  • Reduced administration burden by approximately 50%
  • More time is spent achieving outcomes for people with disability
  • Records are centrally located and securely accessible by all staff (even remotely)
  • Improved record keeping practices, less data errors and omissions
  • More visibility and control over day-to-day operations
  • Decision making data is available to help review/inform future business directions
  • Flexibility to meet the ongoing needs of the program
  • Considered value for money overall

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